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Delightful experience to enjoy coffee and meals

In December 2023, Yoka Build started to work together on a project in Plaza Senayan with Dear Clio’s team. Dear Clio is a cafe that offers Asian and classic Western meals with an exquisite aesthetic, velvet blue and rattan elements as the cafe’s features. In this project, Yoka was in charge of the construction and MEP work.

With Moroccan-style tiles, vintage mirrors as well as luxurious lighting, the room creates an inviting as well as exclusive atmosphere for the customers to enjoy their time at the cafe. This 230 square meters project mostly used gold and blue duco paint, white-washed pattern paint for walls, white carrara marble, antique gold mirror, fluted glass and HPL as the materials. Epoxy paint, a material that requires special processing, was also used for the kitchen floors.

Since the cafe’s design has many detailed shapes such as the entrance, walls, railings and ceiling, Yoka’s team was required to be thorough with an excellent attention to detail. Dealing with new materials like antique gold mirrors was something the team had to learn too. Aside from that, the white-washed pattern paint for walls needed some trial and error to achieve the appropriate pattern. Regardless of those challenges, Yoka Build was proud to announce that they had expertly completed the project in March 2024.