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In 2023, Yoka Build had the privilege of collaborating with Excelso’s team on a construction renovation. Excelso is a coffee shop franchise that now has 126 outlets spread in more than 30 cities in Indonesia. While working on the project, Yoka Build was in charge of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) as well as the civil interior. The 112 square meters project, of which Yoka Build is delighted to be a part of, is located in Cilandak Townsquare, South Jakarta.

The project started in October 2023 and was completed in December 2023. Yoka Build used medium-density fiberboard (MDF), gypsum, plywood, and high pressure laminates (HPL) to transform the cafe’s interior from a dim and gloomy place to a lighter and brighter space.

When it comes to the construction process, time is the biggest obstacle. In order to produce a clean and symmetrical appearance within the restricted time frame, the installation of the wood stripe features on the bulkhead required a high degree of accuracy. However, as a fit-out specialist, Yoka Build had a great understanding of their job and managed to do the job successfully.