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Entertaining shopping experience

Being consistent with one design concept to create special features for a brand is probably something most of us usually do. However, a retail store named KKV has many different design concepts for some of their stores.

Yoka Build was proud to be able to work on a project together with KKV’s team again in October 2023 for their store in Jogja City Mall, handling the civil, interior, MEP and data works. The store has an area of 1100 square meters, offering an engaging and entertaining shopping experience by incorporating a game arcade-like atmosphere, featuring vibrant wall panels, playful tubes, and interior design elements that harmoniously blend with the overall fun-filled environment.

Hollow steel, multiplex and aluminium composite panels were the most used materials for the project. Upon constructing the store, the work was postponed due to external factors, but thanks to the hard work and tenacity of the team, Yoka still managed to finish the project on time, which was in December 2023.