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Growth, harmony, and natural healing 

Naavagreen is one of the well-known beauty clinics in Indonesia. One of the many reasons why it can provide a vast and dependable clinic is its calming design interior with green as the main color, giving an atmosphere of relaxation to every single patient that is being treated in the room. Those things could happen thanks to Naavagreen’s team for entrusting Yoka Design and Build to help them build their clinic to the full potential.

Situated in Taman Palem (Cengkareng), the project started in September 2023 with an area of 235 square meters. Yoka created the interior layout based on the main concept as well as design from Mutual Design Office, apart from that, Yoka also handled the construction, MEP, and other interior works.

Galvanized steel hollow, gypsum, duco paint, multiplex, HPL, and MDF were the most used materials. In this project, the team was highly ambitious upon learning about the installation of a large generator set and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at the site. The construction was completed in December 2023 and Yoka couldn’t be happier for another successful project.