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A comfortable and clean clinic

Sozo Skin Clinic is a place that offers skin, dental and beauty treatment. Located in Semarang, the clinic has a width of 390 square meters which is divided by two floors, the first floor is 195 square meters wide, while the second floor is 195 square meters wide. Yoka Build began to work on the project in late November 2023 with civil and furniture as the scope of work.

The modern, standalone facility features a unique curvy ceiling design, light wood interior, and a white color scheme for the most part of the clinic. Besides the flowy furniture, the soft as well as indirect lighting also create a comfortable and clean space as how a clinic should be. Some of the materials that were used for the project consist of lamps, HPL, light grey cement wash wall, clinic white paint and faux leather fabric.

Upon working on the construction, Yoka’s team had to coordinate and provide spaces for the furniture while the project was still in progress, and since Sozo Skin Clinic has many pieces of furniture, it became a challenge for the team to always think more thoroughly and act more swiftly. In early February 2024, the construction of the clinic that offers an inviting and rejuvenating space for their clients was finished.