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Fun learning and kid-friendly space

Teaching children is a fun thing to do, but it would be way more fun if the activity is supported by a kid-friendly and playful environment. In October 2023, Yoka Build was greatly pleased to collaborate with Sparks English’s team to build their very first English center in Pasar Modern BSD.

Besides being in control of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) work, YOKA Build also took care of the civil and interior work. Since the concept for the interior is a jungle-inspired design, the colors that dominate the space are green, yellow and brown to give an exciting, refreshing as well as friendly atmosphere for children.

This project has a total area of 270 square meters, using gypsum, multiplex, medium density fiberboard (MDF), glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GRC), high pressure laminate (HPL), duco paint and glass as its materials. As for the challenge, there were some design revisions and adjustments on the field that must be done when the team started their work. The installation of leaf-shaped plafond required great patience to make it seem neat, and the making of the ornaments also needed a strong attention to detail. In spite of that, YOKA Build completed the project in December 2023, making yet another accomplishment for their project.

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