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Healthy dining experience

Nowadays, there are more and more restaurants that provide healthy and nutritious meals for their customers, and Eatrients is one of those restaurants. In February 2024, Yoka Build worked together with Eatrients’s team to construct one of their outlets that has an area of 15,3 square meters in Setiabudi One, Jakarta.

MEP, civil and interior work are the scope of work that Yoka’s team handled for the project. The eatery offers a visually appealing and welcoming atmosphere due to some of the deep green colors in the restaurant, creating an interesting environment despite the limited space and a combination of wood, HPL and mosaic tiles were included to support the harmonious surroundings in the restaurant.

Because of the limited space, precision was very much needed when marking the site, the team also had to make sure from the beginning that all the materials were enough, especially for the kitchen equipment. In March 2024, the eatery’s construction was finished, inviting many customers to enjoy a healthy meal.