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True balance between working out and relaxing

FIT HUB, an affordable fitness and gym center in Indonesia, provides a comfortable space for everyone who wishes to exercise even after a long and tiring day. In early July 2022, FIT HUB opened one of their many gym centers at Jakarta Garden City, East Jakarta. Yoka Build contributed by helping the team to do the civil interior work, which includes part of the flooring, wall paint, glass work, partitions, and air conditioning installation.

This project is dominated by the color of blue that could give a calming effect for the visitors, balancing the moments of physical activity and the moments of relaxing. The room is also added with a touch of modern design to give a cozier atmosphere. Yoka was really glad with the project result of the teamwork with FIT HUB’s team and hope Yoka can keep exploring different types of interesting design and build projects in the future.