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A playful game-themed design retail store

In late September 2023, Yoka Build once again had the honor to collaborate with KKV’s team to construct their store that is located in Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall. Showing off a fresh and unique concept design as usual, the well-known retail store named KKV blends the nostalgic visuals of classic video games with modern design this time, featuring a playful game-themed design with a vibrant color scheme reminiscent of pixelated graphics. 

The store has a width of 1110 square meters, and Yoka’s team was in charge of civil, interior, MEP as well as data work. Hollow steel, multiplex and aluminium composite panels are some of the main materials that were used. Nevertheless, since the unloading track’s space to the store is pretty narrow, the team had to be extra careful everytime they needed to unload the materials, making sure not to make any damage to the materials as well as to the mall building’s facilities.

Finished in the middle of October 2023, every detail was carefully constructed from the pixelated game theme to the colorful pop walls and whimsical interior design. Yoka Build will always give everything they got to create the best environment for every project, just like how Yoka Build managed to transport an empty and bare space into a wonderful retail store like KKV at Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall.