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A complex and technical construction

Sante Indonesia is a company that is dedicated to help people to be more healthy and active in many ways, including through a training session. Therefore, Sante Indonesia requires a training room to keep their company running. Collaborating with Yoka Build, the team started working on the construction of the 74,2 square meters area in late February 2024.

The project was located in Soho Capital, Jakarta. Yoka Build was in charge of the civil and interior works, from installing acoustic walls to painting, setting up LCD and projector systems, laying flooring and applying stickers. Finished in March 2024, the completion of Sante Indonesia’s training room construction project showcases the Yoka Build’s versatility and expertise in handling various aspects of a project.

With rockwool and acoustic foam as the main material, Yoka Build managed to make complex technical construction such as soundproofing walls. With the team’s expertise and attention to detail, Yoka can design and build any specific requirements, ensuring a high level of quality in works.